Her Heart Poetry presents poet, Drew Evagreens ǀ @evagreens

Drew Evagreens 2016What we love about this account, and the work of this poet, is that it is an excellent example of what can happen when you step back from self-commemoration and embrace connection. Although Drew’s work does evoke emotion, it is more than just a tale of the poet’s experience.

Drew’s signature is attention to technique and construction.  This delivers work that is image rich, interesting, evocative and unique. His work is a reminder to us all that the words can help us to transcend an ordinary experience and create something truly special. His ability to take the everyday and make it something worth reading is what makes his account so captivating.

A word with Drew:

My name is Drew Evagreens, I grew up in Toronto, and currently live on the west coast of Canada.

I’ve always looked at the world in detail and appreciated small things that seemed insignificant to some but filled me with a feeling of peace, that I was alive in that moment and was a part of something bigger. Though, I never even considered writing because of lacking confidence and outside pressures.

Drew Evagreens 2016 2It was only a few years ago that I started scribbling thoughts as a way to express things I’d bottled up, didn’t understand, or couldn’t come to terms with. And it wasn’t until a few close friends found out and coerced me into showing them that I seriously considered dedicating myself to writing. Since then I haven’t looked back, except when I’m looking for inspiration. Inspiration is a funny topic for me, and a lot of it’s wound up in my process. Sometimes lightning rips through my brain and I’m launched into writing, but most times I have to force myself to start (possibly a lingering fear thing) and get through a handful of atrocious pieces (which no one will ever read) before inspiration forms in spilled ink and I pen something I like.

On top of that I’ve become a proponent of editing because it can uncover gems buried in wordiness and abstractions. We live in a beautiful world. Yes, there’s conflict and pain and that’s important to deal with, but the world itself is beautiful. All these little bricks add up to a huge machine that continues on, with or without us. Most people are busy these days (myself included) and for that reason I like to try and write about the mundane, bits that are usually missed, visceral details that can be inspiring, cause self reflection, or are relatable to the lives we’ve created.

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