Her Heart Poetry presents, The Paper Boat Girl, Aishwarya Enolla ǀ @aishwarya.enolla

Aishwarya Enolla 1-2016In the world of Instagram, there are many accounts that present poetry.  There are many that present art.  There are many that combine the work of an artist and poet.  In this case, Aishwarya is both, and her account is feast for eyes and mind.

Aishwarya combines original artwork that is a tonic for the soul, with words that are simply sublime. Aishwarya understands that her craft takes time, so she doesn’t post every day, but when she does the work is simply a delight. She has found her unique voice and perspective.  Her use of the motifs of paper boat and mountains gives her account work a distinctive signature.  You can connect with Aishwarya and her sumptuous account here.

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