Her Heart Poetry presents poet, Tomas S. ǀ @blackoutpoetrylbl

blackoutpoetrylbl20161Blackout poetry, or Blackout Newspaper Poetry, was popularised in 2010 by author and cartoonist Austin Kleon. Although many believe that this is a form of Erasure poetry, which was first seen as early as 1975, it is becoming an increasingly popular form of modern expression. In a blackout poetry work poets take an existing piece of writing and draw over the text, or select pieces of text, to create new works.  The new work often attempts to subvert the previous work, and stand in its own context, free of the previous piece of writing.  This is the medium in which poet, Tomas S, works.

The strength of Tomas’ work is his ability to step back from the author’s original intention and create a piece that is moving and evocative.  Tomas’ signature is writing straight from the heart.  Each piece capturing a moment and an emotion which moves the reader.  Although he is not a voracious poster, each work is intentional and beautiful.  You can connect with his work here.

blackoutpoetrylbl20162A word with Tomas:

My first inspiration to write is based on two writers, Boethius who wrote ‘The Consolation of Philosophy’ and Khalil Gibran who wrote the ‘ The Prophet and Tears and Laughter’.  Both inspired me to peruse what kind of depth I have in myself.

I am also wine maker, who owns his own making business.  I often like to drink wine when writing my poems. It helps me to clarify without focusing too much on the future or past.  And by doing so, the words come out by themselves.

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