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angelfell121 Oct2016

What do you get when you cross child labour, bunny rabbits, fairy-eating dragons and an inept Zoo Keeper?

The work of Jonathan B.

In the world of Instapoetry there are many who do love.  There are many who do loss. There are many who do works that break the heart and make you ache.  But Jonathan is in that rare group of poets who are using poetry to explore the fantastical and the funny, and it is a joy to read.

With dark humour that is reminiscent of the adult shorts of Roald Dahl, and epic works of poetry filled with whimsy for children, this is a man who is not afraid to look a bit silly to get a giggle, or embrace fairy sparkle to amuse and delight the young.  His account is something a bit different, and well worth a visit.

A word with Jonathan:

Angelfell121 Oct2016 2My name is Jonathan, and I am based in the wonderful Lake District in England. I started writing poetry aged 11. My dad was an incredible photographer and gave me images to write about. I loved it! Combining images with words and I never stopped.

Inspirations were great writers like Betjeman and Dylan Thomas, but I got a real buzz for the daft and silly, Spike Millagan and The Ning Nang Nong were an all time favourite. I never really had a style, and just wrote dependent on mood etc.

Went through a divorce three and a half years ago and this was a turning point for me, in the fact that during the “dark” phase that I had I realised that there was far too much angst and heartbreak in our art so it was the daft and silly and fun side that pulled me through, and this is where i enjoy our art form most. To inspire others and more simply make people smile or laugh, or tell a story.

I truly adore our art form and I am so lucky to know so many talented people because of it. That’s me!

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