I told them nothing about you,
Not my friends,
No my family,
Not the one I held most close.

To tell
Would be to tell of my mistakes.
My fear.

To admit that I was scared that I had been wrong
And that the path I had chosen,
Might lead to despair, instead of

To share the whispers of you,
Would be to share you.
And since I had left and lost you,
(Without having you)
The memories are all that I had.

They were for me alone.
They were the only magic that I had left.

So with cautious hands
I threw my need for you into flickering fire.
Watched flames lick and curl at photo paper,
Till there was only ash and lost memories.
And those memories were no longer my home.

As I dusted away sand and smoke,
And shook the starlight from my hair.
I also dusted the fairy dust from my eyes and hands.
And walked away from my regret.

You don’t need to let me go, I have done it for you.

And I told them nothing,
Not my friends,
Not my family,
Not the one I held most close.

There is nothing left to be said.

Thank you to the artist, Maralo (@maralo_artist), for the use of this image.  Please visit his website to view more of his inspirational work.  

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