I don’t care for the likes and follows
For the girl I used to be.

The girl with:
the hair too dry from the GhDs
the skin too dry from the MAC
the nails too dry from the OPI
the wallet too dry from the D&G.
The life too dry from those friends
who only want to be seen with that girl
with straight hair,
Red lips
Red nails
Red-soled heels.

The girl with:
A soul turned to dust from that photo,
the one you said would make him see me
the one you said would make him like me
It didn’t.
But now everyone else has seen all of me
and believe that I am a girl
who can be liked for the night
as if that label is what you had wanted all the time.

Now I am the girl:
with the hair too full from my natural curl,
with the skin that glows with my natural colour,
with the nails that are chipped from all I create
with the scuffed skate shoes I actually like.

And the life too full,
because you no longer take up space.
And the soul so full of my true self
that I don’t check my back for knives anymore
because, I am free of
your snap and chat.
I have unfriended you,

I don’t care for the girl
I used to be,
you know the one,
You are still her.

Image reproduced with the permission of the artist, Alexandria (@alexxforeveraghost), for the creative project #wordsandartcollide. See more of her work here.

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