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Featured Poet EaS 1On a platform obsessed with Free Verse and unstructured poetry styles, the poet, EaS, has made reinvention of the classics a part of his signature style. Mixing rhyme schemes, that many see as dated, with contemporary themes and modern word selection, EaS uncovers the cliches of popular themes and then subverts them.

Lyrically, the metre and flow, and often formal word choices gives this a feel of the ‘old’ written word, but it is clear that he has applied a modern perspective to all he writes.  We love his work because it is clever, it forces the reader to think and it is drenched in imagery and irony.

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A word with EaS:

Featured Poet EaS 3My name is EaS. I live in New York City, NY USA. I grew up in Colorado and New Mexico, and was born in Los Angeles, California.

I began writing poems, some prose and short horror stories during high school. My 10th grade English teacher is the person who made writing a possible creative outlet. I wrote a few poems in her class for assignments. She encouraged me, and one piece was featured in a school literary publication. However, after high school I stopped writing. Well, other than a few lines here or there.

My recent writing is inspired by two very good friends. Posting my writings was inspired by another good friend. They gave me a leather journal after I mentioned that I used to write. My first involved poem in over 20 years was for them.

Writing for me has been a very positive development, mostly. The release and imaginative process are both enticing and exhaustive sometimes . Often, I will see a few words line up in my imagination. I know that if i don’t quickly write what I see, I will lose it. I will also get a general idea and just make notes. Eventually it comes together, or not. I have many unexplored notes.

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