Her Heart Poetry presents poet and author, Bryan Lordeus ǀ @brotherhumbled

I wanted to connect both my faith and fears into these poems and express the internal struggles that I deal with.

A word with Bryan:

My name is Bryan Lordeus. I’m a poet, artist, and graphic designer from South Florida. Born and raised in a Christian household, I’ve always had the pressures of being a shy kid who was expected to live out the perfect, Christian lifestyle. It wasn’t until my teenage years when I decided to record my personal struggles through poetry. Now a college graduate, “The Imperfect Portrait” marks my maturity as a writer, person, and believer in Christ.

Since this is my first book, I wanted to give readers an insider’s perspective on what it truly means to be a Christian with flaws. I essentially give my testimony throughout this book and I aimed for being as transparent as possible. I normally don’t write about myself, but I figured I didn’t have anything to hide. Around the time I started working on this book, I was reminiscing on my past and wondered how I could implement these prior events into my poetry.

Bryan Lordeus Oct2016I was close to graduation, so I somehow gained the confidence to write about my life as a weird Christian, but do it in a different way. That’s how I came up with these two characters, Two Dope and Brother Humbled. The book is divided into two sections, one for each character. I wanted to depict the two dueling natures that affects every Christian. Being really prideful to the point of being self-righteous and judgmental, as well as the humbling experience of being brought low to serve others. With multiple references to biblical characters, themes, and verses, I wanted to connect both my faith and fears into these poems and express the internal struggles that I deal with.

My main inspiration for this book came from two musicians, JGivens and Jon Bellion. A rapper and a singer respectively, both of their recent releases dealt with being a Christian in a fallen world. Their flaws, faults, and ultimate faith in God gave me the courage to talk about my own personal issues in a creative and relatable way.  With all that being said, I hope you enjoy reading these poems.

excerpt-2Whether or not you believe in Christ, understand that I am just like every other human out there and I have my questions as well. Sometimes it’s hard to live by faith, but it’s what keeps me inspires to be true to myself and others.  If you made it this far, then I humbly thank you for your time and I hope you get to know me a little better.

If you have connected with The Imperfect Portrait you can download a FREE copy of the anthology here.

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