Her Heart Poetry presents Alex Lee ǀ @wildghostchild. Her work graces the cover of our September 2016 Anthology.


alexxforeveraghost-ITGIRLA word with Alex:

I am an inspirational artist. I started at the age of eight, turning my art works into galleries, malls, online, and selling them.

From then on I have traveled around a bit in the UK to see more interesting works and how to improve mine. I actually skipped a year and graduated early in my education so I am only 19. I work as a tattoo artist and as a mortician in motion of studying and learning.

My art is formed by what is around me or just comes out in a flow.

screenshot_2016-10-10-16-17-40Alex is an artist and tattoo artist based in London, UK.
To contact her about her work please direct message her on Instagram at @wildghostchild.

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