2016-09-29_23-04-53There is a reason that this book has a 4.6/5 rating on Goodreads, and that is because it was of those books that can actually help you to become a better poet.

Written by Diane Lockward, a well known poet, poetry blogger and poetry advocate, this book is an instructional manual and practical study guide.  If followed, this handbook will help you to improve your general understanding of poetry, your writing process and ultimately your finished pieces of work.

The book is divided into sections such as: Voice, Sound and Syntax, and each is carefully examined and explored. This is supported by writing prompts specific to the study area, writing tips and tricks, relevant interviews with poets and model poems to help you place the technique in context. This generous book will also help you to analyse and critique both your own work, and the work of others more thoughtfully, and to improve what you write, how and why you revise, and your finished work.

Although this book is geared to a more experienced poet, this will be of benefit to anyone who is interested in improving their work and the writing prompts mean that it would also be appropriate in a group study setting.

Best for: Anyone who is passionate about writing poetry.
Buy for: The poet in your life.
Buy if: You want to take a structure and informed approach to improving your writing.

RH2016Reviewed by Rayna Halloway ǀ @herheartshapedbox
Based in New Zealand, Rayna is an ever-optimist obsessed with all things poetry. She has aspirations of taking the spoken word world by storm, If only she could get over her stage fright!

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