Vol 1 Iss 1 Cover Her Heart PoetryHer Heart Poetry is pleased to announce that the digital anthology for Volume 1 ǀ Issue 1: You Carried my Heart in your Pocket is now available for download from our Store.

This anthology is the work of a passionate community dedicated to the written word. The works range from true and romantic loves, to the despair of familial love lost. Various forms and styles are presented.

The anthology features the work of:
Rachael Anderson, A. B. Atlas, Ester M. Avalon, Aaron Bailey, Bella, Hamda Belrumaitha, P. T. Dass, Brendan R. Ellis, Amani Fitzgerald, Katie Himes, Isabellouise, Allen James, Michael Joyce, Jacob Locke, Samantha Montoya, Kimberly Nelson, Aditya Srinivasulu, William Thompson, and Jed Wylde & Von de Haas.

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