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Timothy D Doss 2We love it when a man bares his soul and talks about love. We love it even more when he does it with a point-of-view that is all his own. This is the work of Timothy D. Doss.

With a signature aesthetic and a well-honed style, Timothy’s work feels like the heady mix of gritty reality and a passionate embrace. His work makes us think of whiskey and cigarettes and timeless love affairs. With excellent construction and attention to strong imagery, there are clear themes of love, romance, and heartbreak, all described in Timothy’s unique voice.

Timothy D Doss 3A word with Timothy:

My name is Timothy D Doss, and I am from Tennessee, USA.

My brother and I were talking about writing not long ago. He’s always been a technical type of writer, everything just perfect according to dictionaries and grammar encyclopedias with a lot of overthinking every little bit.

Not me, though. My writing process is as mercurial as most everything else in life. I draw inspiration from a lot of various things: thoughts, feelings, a moment, a situation, other people, myself, life, landscapes, animals, nature, etc. I was blessed and cursed with both an intelligent mind and a (sometimes stupidly) sensitive heart. I feel things deeply, much more than most around me, I know, and my mind does not stop. I enjoy thinking.

My process depends on my inspiration, really. Maybe a snatch of a song in my head sparks a thought or idea or feeling, so I’ll write it down. Sometimes it’s all just thought/word vomit to get something out, other times I might have an idea in mind all day and I’ll make notes or write single lines throughout the day and piece things together when I can sit down with it all. Rarely I edit my work, and that’s usually only to replace a word or a small twist of phrase. I believe the best poetry is raw feeling in words. Too much editing takes away from that beautiful, nonsensical, irrational, human feeling.

Truly, I write from the heart, with emotion guiding me. I’ve always loved dirty, grungy, abstract art. I think that shows in my work. I’ve also always had a fascination with mysteries and legends, biblical or ancient civilizations or fairy tales, there’s always a grain of truth to the unknown that humans turn into monsters and heroes.

I started writing in my junior year of high school. My creative writing teacher was also a poet, and I can remember she helped me polish some rough edges. She encouraged me to write because of the talent she saw in me. For a while I wrote a lot, but music and guitar was my passion. Maybe the musician side shows through in how I use rhythms, changes in rhythm, and pauses in my writing to give a bit more life to the words. I can say during that time period I enjoyed writing but music was my focus and outlet for the next ten years or so.

Eventually my hearing was damaged. Over time music and playing it faded, and it left quite a hole inside. I tried filling it with games, drugs, sex, work, study, and just about everything except writing. One day, after a particularly brutal breakup, I started writing again. I haven’t stopped yet, and I don’t see myself stopping again. Ever.

I’ve always been a very creative person, always needed some kind of emotional outlet, and always needed both in something. It used to be playing music for hours. Now it’s the music of words. The more people that I reach and relate to, the more it motivates me to write, and maybe reinforces that I’m on the right path in life.

Timothy D Doss 3I’ve always been stubborn and always have to do things my own way. That’s why sometimes I won’t bother with punctuation- it isn’t important to the feeling of the words. Other times, no capital letters, I’m a humble person so I don’t see a point of an upper case. Weird maybe.

I suppose the simplest way to put it, I take a part of life, filter it through my perspective and emotions, and do my best to capture that into words.

I’ve been told I’m talented, but I’m not very good at compliments. I simply write my world and my life in the best words my creative mind can fit them into. And people relate to this. And this makes me happy. That’s what writing is all about, I think.

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