Her Heart Poetry presents Haydee Suarez ǀ @hi_haydz. You will see her work on the cover of our November 2016 anthology.


A word with Haydee:

I am a Cum Laude, Painting Major graduate from University of the Philippines (2007). Back then, I needed money for tuition so I worked as a part-time book illustrator while studying. After graduating, I then worked as a Graphic Designer for different publishing and media companies. Currently, I am a Senior Graphic Designer for a Philippine Channel called 2nd Avenue.
I have learned that being an artist in a third world country is hard, if you didn’t have connections, friends with curators or gallery owners. But I still wanted to express myself and to share my work with other people. So social media, like Instagram had became the best option for me. I work with pen, ink and digital drawings.

My influences came from creating book illustrations, mostly linear drawings with monochromatic shades. I like juxtaposing and combining 2 or more different illustrations to create a new meaning. I very much love sites like Berlin Artparasites and The Artidote, whereas they accompanied every artwork with a quote or poem. It creates this wonderful dialogue where viewers can feel and react to what you are telling. Art for me is about story telling, telling people about your past, present or predicting your future. Whether its about pain, happiness, love, etc. I like it how when people comment positively on my work, there is like this sense of empathy that two different people from different backgrounds, Artist and the Audience shares a feeling they have experienced or they are experiencing at the moment.

I want my art to evoke the feeling of positivity, sharing my hardships and how I was able to survive through all of this.

My goal is to create one drawing a day every time I have an idea, so I try to balance my time on my day job and doing what I like.

flowerHaydee is an artist based in Manila, Philippines
To contact Haydee about her work, please email haydzsuarez@gmail.com

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