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Vulnerability. This is the essence of Tannis Nohlgren’s poetic style.  It is in this raw, unmitigated truth that Tannis connects with her readers and moves them to feel.

Although her works are not purely autobiographical she does draw on her experiences to create works that speak to many and allow the reader to stand in the light of their own truth. Although she does and has presented traditional length works, she has a special focus on micropoetry, so it is no small feat that she can stop the reader in their tracks and ask them to question their own emotions, in so few words.

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A word with Tannis:

Who am I? Here’s what I know. My name is Tannis Nohlgren. I live in central Canada.

It’s a strange thing trying to explain how this all came to be. Part of me thinks it’s all brand new. Part of me knows, it’s always been there. I’ve always been a storyteller. Whether it was bedtime stories to my sister when we were young or writing stories in school.

I’ve always loved poetry and I’ve always loved writing. Combining them was never a thought. I used to write in journals everyday. But life got busy and I became a mother. That took over. Quite simply, I woke up. Realized I needed to take care of myself. Start giving to myself as much as I gave away to others. And then the writing came. The words were fast and furious. I don’t know where it started. All of a sudden it just was. And so, I wrote it down. I couldn’t control it, I didn’t know where it was coming from or when it would come. I still don’t. I’ll write ten things in one day and one thing in ten days.

Tannis Nohlgren PoetMama79 nov16There’s no process for me. I wish there was. It would be a lot easier. I write on the bathroom floor while my girls are in the tub. I’ll roll over in the middle of the night and scrawl on an envelope.

My inspiration is love. Always love. All I know it to be. How fiercely I feel it. How it is equally important for me to express it as much as it is to receive it. How it is concrete and tissue paper all at the same time. I write my hearts truth. It is all I know. I wonder endlessly why we are so afraid of the one thing that can save us all. I wonder why I’m not scared.

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