nov-anthology-cover-by-haydee-suarezWelcome to a new month, and a new collection from Her Heart Poetry.

The arrival of 1 November signals the beginning of our journey through the powerful collection of poems written by the talented people in the Her Heart Poetry Community, on the theme: In Each of Us, Two Natures are at War.  A quote by Robert Louis Stevenson which talks to the duality that exists in us all.

This month we will see works that explores love and loss, strength and weakness social constructs and a number of subtle variations on the theme that challenge the reader to think and feel. Works range from the joyous to those that will make the heart ache.

At the end of the month you can download the anthology, free of charge, from our store which can be found here.

I hope you enjoy!


Special Thanks: We would like to pay special thanks to artist, Haydee Suarez, one of our Collaborators in Creativity, who provided the artwork for our anthology cover this month. You can find out more about Haydee here.

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