Eyes flutter open, I’m alive
Severe pain all over, I’ve survived
My family, panic wells
I try to move, fear swells
Wrecked metal, lonely screams
Shattered glass, broken dreams

Micro head moves, to the right
I see hazy shadowy lights

The light moves, it’s all around
The pain’s gone, I feel safe and sound

I see faces soft and fair
Floating above me in the air
I know, in my heart and head
I’ve lost them both, they are dead

I struggle from this manic dream
I twist and turn, I try to scream
Their bodies lie just out of reach
I cry, I pound, I beseech

I try to move, I gasp and groan
I can’t talk, I heave and moan

I feel metal stuck in my face
blood is flowing all over the place
I turn to the image in the light
The gentle beauty in my darkest night

I close my eyes, I want to go
A voice clearly tells me, No

Lights flashing, sirens blare
Workers run in, stop and stare

Lifting my head, I turn, I try
Laying my head back, I cry

A work by the creative team, Jed Wylde & Von de Haas ǀ @something.i.did

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