Purron Poetry FormA Purron is a contemporary poetry form that consists of rhyming couplets with the form AA, BB, CC, DD and so on.

What makes a Purron unique is that whilst it reads as a single work, Line 1 of each couplet is an independent poem, as is Line 2 of each couplet.  Lines 1 and 2 are differentiated using colour or font, or both.  A Purron therefore results in three distinct, but interrelated poems.

One of the independent poems can be an existing work (Line 2 in the example is an excerpt of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55), song lyrics, an old work or you can write two completely new works.

A Purron can be on any topic, and have any number of stanzas and couplets.  The form also allows for one non-rhyming couplet per stanza.

This form was brought to us by it’s originator, Purronimo, who describes the form as “taking the vowel sounds in an older work, and draping new consonants over the top”.

This can also be done as a group exercise by breaking into teams of two. Assign Line 1 and Line 2 and work together to write two independent poems that can then be read as a single work using the form directions above.

For more examples of poems written using this form search the hashtag #Purron on Instagram, or visit our community here.

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