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Sumptuous.  This is only way that we can describe the account of Lindsay O’Connell of Wilder Poetry. Far from being a simple wander through words and images, the aesthetic of this account is truly a feast for the eyes and the soul. Combining clever image placement with well-thought out words, this account creates synergy in the whole of it’s images. At each swipe the reader is surprised and delighted.

Wilder Poetry’s fusion of words and images is a collision of creativity that creates a lush experience for the eye and mind.

Experience the Wilder Poetry story today!

wilder-poetry-2A word with Lindsay:

My name is Lindsay – an old soul, creator, writer, designer, picture taker, dreamer, artist, collector, explorer and lover of the wild.

I wake every morning with a curiosity that is fed by the beauty in the things that surround me – approaching life with a positive spirit and an open heart – no matter how vulnerable.

Wilder Poetry came to be rather organically and very unexpectedly. I found myself struggling to hold on to the inspiration that typically came so easy. I felt like a light had dimmed within myself and the only thing that seemed to make sense was to write. I have been a blogger for many years, but never considered myself a poet. I wished to explore something new that was different from writing in a journal or filling in the empty spaces of a blog post. I turned to Instagram and combined my love of photography, design and typography…then suddenly, Wilder Poetry was at my fingertips.

wilder-poetry-5My hope and desire was to create a space that not only inspired me, but those around me as well. To provoke an experience through the exploration of words anchored with photographs from my own personal collection, but mostly photographs taken by others that I have bookmarked over the years. Wilder Poetry quickly became something very special – a poetic collection of photographs and words joined together to tell a story of adventure. Uniquely comprised of varying aesthetics and possessing a charming individuality that can be seen and felt by those who listen.

Very quickly I realized that Wilder Poetry was never “mine” it is all of ours. A journey meant to be discovered together.

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