Her Heart Poetry presents David Hurley ǀ @davidhurleyillustration.
His work graces the cover of our December 2016 Anthology.


Etcetera Etcetera – The work of David Hurley

I am always looking for new outlets of expression my work and use various different media including painting, collage, animation, text, sculpture, video, installation and performance. A fair degree of experimentation always helps to keep everything fresh and enjoyable. However, although the media changes from time to time there are always underlying elements that tie everything together.

A key component in my work is the sporadic way in which we receive information, in our daily lives, now more than ever, and how all of these different elements collide to create a complex whole. Ideas such as identity and the past are themes that inform the works, and flashes of a memory or a familiarity litter the pieces, causing them to be fragmented whilst at the same time creating a unifying whole. Finding beauty in the mundane is an important part of the work. A seemingly humdrum phrase, when viewed in a different light, is transformed and takes on a new life.

I always have a certain desire to experiment with texture in an attempt to breathe life into the pieces. In my paintings, collages and assemblages seemingly unconnected imagery and text are juxtaposed, and forced to compliment each other. As a result of this merging they are given a new meaning. There is a certain amount of playful ambiguity in my work and I prefer to let the viewer project their own identity onto a piece and read into it however they choose.

Literature, film and music heavily influence my work, and are always present and feed into the pieces in some form or other. With so many great writers, directors and musicians to choose from it is easy to get lost in the worlds created by the heavyweights. And this is what I hope to achieve in my own modest way every time I create a series of works, to create a miniature world to draw the viewer in, even if only fleetingly.

david-hurley-profile-pictureDavid is an artist based in the UK
To contact David please email davidhurleydavidhurley@outlook.com or you can direct message him on Instagram via his account @davidhurleyillustration.

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