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In 2017 we will be featuring one or two poets per month from the community on our Instagram page.  They will also get a special feature here in the magazine.

We warmly invite you to nominate an account, or accounts that you believe deserve to be featured.  We are looking for accounts that inspire and delight. Accounts that add a new and unique voice to contemporary poetry.  Accounts that should be savored and shared.  It doesn’t matter how many followers the account has, only that the work is excellent and that the writing challenges us all to improve our craft.

To nominate an account please leave a comment below with the account handle and one or two sentences about why you believe the account and poet should be featured.  Self-nominations will also be accepted.

All nominations will be considered.

Nominations are open until 31 December 2016.


  1. Here are a few of my favorite poets that I believe need recognition

    Nour Saad:
    She’s a bilingual Lebanese poetess who writes in English, French and Arabic, her poems are beautifully crafted.
    Her poems are soul lifting and beautifully written.. sadly they’re very underrated, I believe they need to be read.
    Her words are about women empowerment, absolutely stunning poet as well.

    Her poetry is well written and relatable.

    Tuba Aisha:
    She’s a brilliantly talented poetess, love all her poems.

    Aya alhakim
    Her words are absolutely beautiful

    Sumera khizar
    Her poems are soul lifting and beautiful.

    Lastly I’ll self nominated myself because why not

    Mahnoor Rehan

    I mostly mentioned underrated poets who I believe need recognition. Thanks you

  2. I nominate @persianpoet16. Her poetry is inspiring, she writes beautifully, she is very talented and supportive of new writers🌹

    • I’d like to nominate @persianpoet16 also for the same reasons!💐💐💛

      • Paulo artist Reply

        Hello. I would like to say bravo to persianpoet16. She gives inspire with her poems to artists like me for painting. Grazie🙏🙏

    • Persianpoet16 Reply

      I was told my name was mentioned in this forum. I am truly humbled and honored for this mention🙏. Writing has helped me get through some challenging times in life, and to know that it is even to a small degree inspirational and helpful to those who read my words, is heart warming and truly a blessing. Thank you so much!🌷❤️

  3. Daniel Hewitt Reply

    Cheyenne Sioux
    @whispersofwings-her Poetry Twitter account
    Whispersunderthemoonx-her Poetry Tumblr account(where most of her work is posted)

    @moonlitwriter- And finally her instagram account (which she finally opened up after much encouragement ) but I mention the her Twitter and Tumblr accounts because she has posted a lot of her stuff there…her Instagram account has several of her poems but missing a good many.

    I nominated her because I truly believe her poetry is unlike the majority I read…Obviously , it comes from deep within her and she has an exquisite way of expressing herself through poetry. She has a special gift for writing poetry.

  4. I nominate @blakehstrymnth His poetry meets music in every line, and it feels like performance when I read, eventhough I’m reading it quietly to myself…

  5. i nominate @whiskeyandpens (IG handle) for her wriring surpasses so many, shes exquisitely delightful to read. my second nomination would be for @topherkearby his style is unique all his own and it blows my mind amazing. and lastly but certainly not least, the beautiful @drfaizakhan whose spin on the challenges are enlighting, her combinations of prompts are so smooth and her words are so heartfelt. thank you.

  6. the world is perceived as black and white. These colors create the shades of Grey we “live in”. Kristina Fanning portrays this to me when I become a part of her poetry. It is creative, visually and the imagery is beautiful.
    Writing is pain, laughter and everything in between. Thank you. This was a very hard decision only because I truly feel there are so many AMAZING voices and I didn’t flip a coin or anything. I just said, ok. Who is it without comparison to others.

    • Kristina Fanning Reply

      Nik, I just came across this page and saw that you nominated me. I am deeply humbled by your kind words and nomination. Thank you so much! I’ll DM you too.

  7. I nominate

    B.E. Sampson
    His writing, words, quotes, freestyles, or whatever he posts…speaks measures that can’t even be measured. I can say that his writing is inspirational in all aspects. Truly gifted talent that deserves recognition. 🙏🏼

    • Hey there!
      Such a late reply. But seems like last year, i did not receive any notification about this. But i would really like to thank you for nominating me!
      Much love,
      Benazir Mungloo

  8. Monique Hanson Reply

    I nominate @persuasionausten94, instagram poet and artist from New York City. Her poems have powerful imagery, striking metaphors, and can be very introspective.

  9. I want to nominate my friend swayema Sheikh and her page @some_untold_words on instagram…..she is really good and deserves to get the best

  10. I wish to nominate Mahnoor Rehan.

    I reckon when we consider the expression of words through an outlet of this sort one need not look further than this remarkable poetess who has not only displayed an exceptional loyalty to her work but is also humbly fastidious and diligent.

  11. I nominate @z_shewrites. Her poetry follows the journey of life and love. Follow the growth of her poetry, which is bound to touch your heart or at least pull on some strings.

  12. Flawlessmessi Reply

    I would like to nominate @z_shewrites I love her style of poetry its so calm, yet so powerful.

  13. I nominate @z_SheWrites. I’ve read many of her early peoms and continue to love every piece till this day. She writes with raw emotions, expressing them in a very beautifully structured way. x

  14. I nominate z_SheWrites
    She speaks for those who don’t have a voice and helps with closure.
    Get at her 👀👌🏿

  15. I nominate @choo.geraldine because her tender words inspire me to me a more loving person ♡

  16. tesstess1234 Reply

    I nominate @choo.geraldine as she writes with depth of insight and emotion, which connects with the reader on an intimate level. Her words are concise and precise, chosen carefully for their intended effect. Some of her poems are visually constructed, while others resonate with the human condition of desire, dreams, and being true to oneself. The list is not exhaustive, of course 🙂

  17. I’d like to nominate @choo.geraldine as her poetry speaks to me, and her word play is a dose of freshness. Her poetry is simple, yet complex, and very relatable to readers.

  18. Addie Magruder Reply

    I’d like to nominate @words_and_heart. The account is super relatable, simple, and beautifully photographed. All works are handwritten and it really gives it that personal edge. From love to modern day issues, the range of work is really something.

  19. I nominate
    Roselli has just published her first book of poetry, love of the monster, which is an Amazon Hot New Release, romantic poetry. She is also an accomplished artist (she illustrated her collection).

  20. I nominate @z_shewrites her poetry really ..when I read them I feel something.inside my heart.they are so touching ..honestly its as if she’s connected with them..and am still waiting for more and more poetry to come.from her .(life & love)..

  21. Michelle Billquist Reply

    I’d like to nominate myself My name is Michelle Billquist my IG is @commingle_affect.
    I nominate myself because I would like to be recognized for my poems. When I write, it clears my mind and helps me heal. I share my writings because it helps others to see that they are not alone in the pain and/or vices they face In hopes to bring encouragment to many.

  22. I’ll nominated @lecosymittens and @rahsputin_ . These two writers have been prolific and are, in my eyes, very talented.

  23. I nominate @choo.geraldine. Her poems are like windows, allowing us to see snippets of the stories of her subjects. She also makes use of photography in some of her posts to enhance the stories behind her poems.

  24. Sabrina Said Reply

    I Nominate @z_SheWrites her poetry speaks from the heart, it tells a story for everyone to feel a piece of bond the words. I’ve read her poetry over for inspiration and guidelines through life, love and pain. she writes about anything that comes in mind, this is what makes her poetry something special.

  25. Jed & Von (@Something.i.did) Reply

    Our nominations are poets who have inspired, touched and moved us. Their poetry consistently brings us places and leaves us wanting more.
    Each visit to the pages of these talented wordsmiths is like a breath of fresh air on a Sunday afternoon walk, with exciting twists nuances and turns down each road. We feel Each nominee has a clear excellent voice in their poetry.

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