We believe in the power of poetry to surprise and delight.

We believe in the magic of poetry. We believe in the power of poetry to surprise and delight. We also believe that poetry should be shared, and shared widely.  This is the essence of the #IGPoetSecretSanta challenge.

This week we are asking poets everywhere to write an uplifting, inspiring and positive work and to gift it to a stranger for the holiday season. To participate all you need to do is write a poem that fits the theme, print it on paper and then leave that poem somewhere that it will be found.  This could be on a table at a coffee shop, on a seat on a bus or train, inside the pages of a book or magazine, on the desk of a colleague, or in a neighbors letterbox. Let your creativity guide you!

To participate online, take a photo of the poem and load it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #IGPoetSecretSanta. Don’t forget to the write the hashtag #IGPoetSecretSanta on the poem as well, so others can search and follow and to let us know where you have left your poem to be discovered.

ig-poet-secret-santa-2016We will be featuring all poems written as part of this challenge and have a pop-up collection here in our Zine.

If you are going to leave your poem outside, please write it on a leaf or similar biodegradable product.

#IGPoetSecretSanta is brought to you in association with Portland based poet, @poemlandia.

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