Her Heart Poetry presents, Ashley Markowicz ǀ @tryingsofter and Kinzie Girod ǀ @whispersfromthewild and their collaborative project: #SofterWild

Artwork by Jason Levesque ǀ @stuntkid

At first glance this collaboration is one that is filled with whimsy. However the gentleness and fragility belie deft craftsmanship and a feminine strength that surprises, delights and captivates the reader.

This duo also creates synergy between the carefully curated artwork and the words that they inspire.  This results in work that is lush and striking, a theme that also plays out through their own individual writing.

Both poets, and this project are well worth checking out and we encourage you to do so today!

Artwork by Jason Levesque ǀ @stuntkid

A word with Ashley and Kinzie:

We are best friends who met online five years ago and have been maintaining written communication every day since then. Our friendship has always revolved around cultivating self-growth and making creativity a focal point in our lives. Recently we committed to fusing the depth of our relationship with our shared love for writing in the form of our collaborative projects. Part of what fuels our work is the idea that poetry fosters connection in very powerful and unique ways. We want to utilize that connection to encourage others in examining their own stories and following their hearts accordingly, whether that mean acceptance or reinvention. We also hope to inspire others in a positive way with our art. Working so much on our own growth over the years together has taught us the incredible importance of honoring self and honoring the journey. We aim to craft thoughtful pieces that address the deeper and often unexplored aspects of the human condition.

Artwork by Laura Graves ǀ @lauragravesart

Many of our personal truths align, which brings clarity to our communication. Because of this, collaboration comes easily to us. We usually begin the collaborative process with an inspirational image one of us chooses. The one who didn’t choose the image starts the piece off, and we alternate lines via text message, giving ourselves a 3 line maximum. When we agree on a piece feeling finished, we each create our own visuals for our respective Instagram accounts and post them together within the same time frame under our project hashtag, #SofterWild.

Our project title is, on the surface, a mix of both of our usernames (tryingsofter/whispersfromthewild), but also an invitation to our readers to open themselves up to perspectives from the “softer wild” – in other words, facing their truest, most raw and authentic selves with deep honesty, tempered by compassion, gentleness, and kindness.

softlywild-collab-1-jan-2017Ashley blogs at tryingsofter.wordpress.com, and you can connect with her on Instagram at @tryingsofter.

You can find Kinzie’s individual work and account at @whispersfromthewild.

To see more work from their collaborative project, simply add @thesofterwild or search for #SofterWild on Instagram.

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