Quotery Form 2017Quoetry is a contemporary poetry form which plays on the numerous quotes that make up our modern lexicon.

The concept of Quoetry is taking an exact and unaltered quote and elaborating it in your own words. You then display both the newly created elaboration and the original quote in the same piece.

Quoetry is designed as a free verse poem, if the quote includes a common theme then the poem must also be themed. If the original quote describes a fox, then the writer/poet must elaborate on those specific details in their recreation of the quote. It can be any length and rhyming is optional.

The Origin:
The concept of Quoetry was created in 2015 as the creator, Micah Krahn, watched an episode of Criminal Minds.  He discovered that at the beginning of each episode they featured a quote that the episode explored.  Micah realised that there are possibly millions of quotes out there that people have said that he could explore in his own words. He then began to practice and refine this contemporary poetic form.

Micah Krahn ǀ @poetic_alchemist  is a poet from Pemberton, BC, Canada. You can connect with him via Instagram.

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