Rhythms of a Teenage Heartbeat by Jaclyn LindsayThis self-published anthology is one that intrigued me before I had even opened the pages.  In coming to the anthology the author shares that all but two poems were written when she was a teenager.  She also shares that it was composed during a time when she was first finding her voice.  This background had me eagerly reading to discover what her formative years were like and to test my ability to spot the works written in her post-teen years.

The main themes of the collection are clear.  Just a few poems in you’ll realise that love and heartbreak rule the pages. Our selfishness as teenagers and need for a full heart being only a few of the thoughts going through my head while reading the 20 poems. We all have memories of what it was like to experience young love and to put those experiences on paper. This collection is the perfect example of this and I felt myself transported to a different time when love was new and I was full of naivete.

Jaclyn also uses a third theme of religion in her works which had me wondering if she was raised in a religious setting, or if she discovered religion in later years.  I also questioned whether or not she simply liked the use of its symbolism in her writings. Either way I quickly realised that these were my favourites amongst all of the works. This is a little peculiar as I am not a religious person by nature or nurture, but the form, imagery and fluidity of these works made them stand out over the others and I hope Jaclyn continues to use this theme in future.

Stand out works were: Religion for its evocative imagery; and No One Expects An Angel To Die, for perfectly portraying how I feel about the passing of Michael Jackson.

Thank you Jaclyn, for taking me back in time.

Best for: Ice cream and thoughts of first love(s).
Buy for: Yourself or a teenager in your life.
Buy it if: You feel like reminiscing.

You can connect with Jaclyn on Instagram and this anthology is available on Amazon.

Kelvin Lloyd - Assoc. Editor - FeaturesReviewed by Kelvin Lloyd ǀ @heartwrds
Currently living, loving and writing in Melbourne, Australia, Kelvin has a passion for poetry and the planet.  He is also working on a soon-to-launch blog on ethical consumerism.

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