Concrete Poetry - Astrid SuuA concrete poem is one in which the words of the poem are arranged into a shape or shapes to enhance or depict the key theme/s or meaning of the poem.

This form is dependent on an overlap of the verbal meaning of the poem and its visual representation, and often, the visual element/s are more important than the verbal in the creation of the poem’s meaning.

Although the term concrete is new, there is a long tradition of shaped poems dating back to the 3rd century BCE.

The form can have any number of stanzas, arranged in any shape, and rhyming is optional.  The theme is at the poet’s discretion, with the shape selected being directly related to this.

For more examples of poems written using this form search the hashtag #concreteheart on Instagram, or visit our community here.

Thank you to @astridsuu for this wonderful example.

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