hhp-feast-of-verse-book-club-february-2017Would you like to join an online Book Club dedicated to poetry?

Her Heart Poetry is proud to present the Feast of Verse Poetry Book Club, hosted by Yaz ǀ @feastofverse. Each month Yaz will bring you a new anthology to read and at the end of the month she will lead a discussion on the merits of the anthology.

For those who cannot participate that month Yaz will also write a review of the work for you to feast on. This will be available here on our website.

This month the Feast of Verse Book Club is reading: Falling Awake by Alice Oswald.  You can get your copy of this anthology here.

Please contact Yaz ǀ @feastofverse on Instagram if you have questions.

yaz-originalYaz Dellicompagni ǀ @feastofverse
Based in Bimingham, England, Yaz is an infectious English teacher. Her mission: expose students to the poetic word. She marks poetry for an examination board and holds a masters qualification in teaching and learning. Find out more about the Feast of Verse Poetry Book Club here.

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