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Original image by Zigmyster Magnets and edited by SheWrites

Z may be the last letter of the alphabet, but when it comes to writing, She Writes ǀ @z_shewrites is at the front.

Although SheWrites has a simple writing style, her work is interwoven with complexity through cleverly layered words and cadence.  This results in emotive and thought provoking pieces. This is a writer you will never tire of, as each of her pieces is a beautifully crafted journey into feelings and mindset.

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A word with SheWrites:

Original image by Olivia Malone and edited by She Writes
Original image by Olivia Malone and edited by SheWrites

I wrote my first poem in March 2014 and I haven’t stopped writing since. The tale of how I wrote it is quite comical actually. I was texting a guy and his signals were very mixed. Sometimes he was into me, sometimes he twisted it and made it as if I was really into him.  I remember standing in Asda and I thought to myself “Why’s he being so confusing?”

I was at the checkout ready to scan my things and pay when I kept thinking “Confusion is an Illusion” and that’s how it began. I got out my phone and started typing. Words were flowing through my head faster than my fingers could type, but type I did. I typed for about three minutes straight just trying to keep up with my brain, completely forgetting where I was. Then I snapped out of it, saved the poem and continued with my groceries. I read the poem a little later on in the day and was amazed by what I’d done. That’s how I write, and still write. I am inspired by the events in my life and they spill out of my brain in a hectic yet artistic way. Once the words start flowing through my head there’s no stopping them. If I don’t get them down somewhere, that’s it, the piece is gone.

Original image by Dreamstime and edited by She Writes
Original image by Dreamstime and edited by SheWrites

Recently I got involved with someone who became my Muse. I’m not really sure how to describe our relationship, in modern terms what we had is known as a ‘situationship’. I started writing about him as soon as we started getting to know each other, I felt that our connection was intoxicating and crazy. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance but it was definitely a whirlwind something. I fell hard and fast without ever really meaning to. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change a thing. Around this time last year things started going downhill and that’s when I decided to start posting my work. I was affected deeply by what was happening at the time, it was more than a lovers’ tiff and the only way I could think to express myself was through the words flowing through my head. I would love for my words to reach him so that he could see just how much he affected me, though I know he wouldn’t like it one bit.

I’ve always had a love for words, English was my favourite subject in school. It has always been a dream of mine to get a book published. Albeit as a 14 year old, it wasn’t poetry I wanted to publish, it was a novel. But as time goes on, dreams change, or get adapted. My goal and dream as a writer is to now get my poems published in hard copy. I want all of my readers to have a physical copy of my heart, in a book.

Original image by Getty Images and edited by She Writes
Original image by Getty Images and edited by SheWrites

I live in a small city in the West Midlands, England and although the city is small, it has provided the backdrop for everything that has happened to me.  All of the events that have transformed me from a girl into the woman that I am today…poetry and all. Poetry I am now sharing with poetry pages and competitions so that I can really get out there and hopefully get noticed by a publisher. I am currently on MIrakee, a new poetry app, and also Poetry Soup but my main page for poetry is Instagram. I would love to share my work, and heart, with you.

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