by Guest Blogger, Clementine Marie ǀ @cindybluwho

Something of Value February 2017

I’m slightly obsessed with this quote by Alan Watts:

“It’s as though someone has taken a bottle of ink and smashed it, creating many patterns, the pattern is very dense in the middle but gets more intricate the further out we move. We are those complicated little bits at the end but still apart of the whole.”

I love this quote so much because it shows that there is literally no difference between me and you. When you try and pinpoint any of those exact differences, you are pointing to either physical traits or the ego. This is where the importance of writing comes in, specifically within the Instagram poetry community.

Poets are special people. I always like to think of them as being born with an extra sense. This sense is the ability to express that we – TOGETHER – are the entire bottle of ink.

I became aware of this delicate community of people when I found @herheartpoetry on Instagram. I found lots of other writers who seemed aware of this extra sense and the power and potential it has. Since then, I have connected with a few of them and we are looking for new and exciting ways to fuse our creativity.

Poets are magic. It’s a kind of connection that can barley be expressed in words, but I suppose that’s why poets exist. We always keep trying to find new ways to share what we all feel in our part-human part-stardust bodies. I’m not sure that anyone is a born poet. But there are people who try, and try, and try, over and over again to connect all those shattered pieces of glass Alan Watts once talked about.

We never suffer alone, this world needs you to share your story.

Billions and trillions of colourful pieces just shattered.

And when one piece hurts so do we all.

To close, We never suffer alone, this world needs you to share your story.

Writers and poets are storytellers, but this is not fiction. No, this is all very real.

There is only the entire ink bottle, and those who try and write about it.

This article was originally published here.  You can read more from Clementine on her blog.

Clementine Marie ǀ @cindybluwho
Clementine Marie is a Toronto poet and blogger whose writing style blends a youthful voice with raw moments of humility and humanity. She believes writing is a method of intimately connecting to others through small and simple moments of human experience.

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