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Being a writer is a very tricky profession. You want to write a book that will touch millions of people, you want to be famous and appreciated. You probably dream about meeting your fans and giving autographs at book fairs. Unfortunately, there is a long and bumpy road to becoming a household name. Reaching an audience is not as simple as putting fingers to keyboard, and there are a number of considerations that a writer must think about when it comes to the ‘business’ of writing and publication.

Have you ever tried to approach a publishing house? If not, you’ve probably saved yourself from disappointment. Trying to pitch your draft is basically trying to sell yourself and your product and for most unpublished authors it is a process fraught with rejection. The digital market means that are literally millions of books available, and many traditional publishers are focusing their efforts on established authors who have an established brand.

There are, of course, a number of advantages to working with a publishing house. A publisher will make life easy. They normally take responsibility for all the uncomfortable work like providing an editor, designing the cover and typeset, printing the book, distributing it and marketing it to readers. In this case, you can focus on writing and rewriting, meeting your editor and when the book is already published – meeting your fans.

However, if you are unpublished (and without an agent in some countries), and have been rejected by publishers in the past, keep in mind that there are other options. You don’t need to scale the imaginary wall that blocks the way to the publishing house. A very good option is to do it yourself, and if your dream is to hold your own book, the efforts will be worth it.

Self-publishing means that you are responsible for every step of the publication process. You can choose to either do it on your own, including design, editing and promotion, or find people to help you with these tasks. Being on your own can be challenging enough, so it is always beneficial to add another person’s perspective to the process. Before you start, be aware that self-publishing is not a piece of cake, but it is worth it. Below are the steps required to publish your own book.

1. Do your homework
Before you start writing, you need to have the basics down. For example, what is your book going to be about? Is it another love story? Who is my target audience? The number of books on the market has increased exponentially, but there are fewer readers. Keep in mind, that the idea for your book might already be taken, so you need to understand your niche, and be creative and innovative.

2. Find contributors
Writing will be the easiest part for you, since you know how to put a sentence together. Nevertheless, a book is more than that. You need an editor and a proof reader in your team. You need someone who will design the cover and the interior of the book, choose the font and put pictures together with text so the visual aspect of your book is reader-friendly. If you can do all those things by yourself you are a lucky, but if you don’t have these skills you may want to look at professionals who offer these servcies. Collaboration can add an extra value to your book. So do not hesitate to explore freelancers or using online platforms that connect people with different skills, like Coboox.

3. The final product
First of all, decide whether to publish a printed book or an e-book. Both types have their good and bad qualities, but at the end of the day it is really the question of your financial resources and personal preferences. You can always find online platforms for self-publishing that will let you have more control over the process of publishing your book, set milestones and maintain your deadlines. When your masterpiece is done, you need to figure out how to make it available to the rest of the world. Make sure your book is available on popular online bookstores like Amazon.

4. It is all about making friends
As your own manager, you need to take care of the proper promotion of your book. You need to become friends with bloggers, journalists and fans to raise awareness of publishing your book. Become a member of Indie Authors Society where you can find tips and support for the writing or publishing process. Apart from that, your book needs multiple Social Media accounts where you will need to be as active as possible.

Self-publishing requires patience and lots of hard work. If you have time to spare, this idea is worth considering. Not being able to find a publishing house should not discourage you from making your dreams come true.

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