Her Heart Poetry presents Galen Ivey ǀ @galenivey.
His work graces the cover of Vol. 2 ǀ Issue 1 ~ The Best of Me.


A word with Galen:

When I was thirteen years old, I was blessed to be able to work on the set of a music video, and I loved the work that I performed there. The owner of the video company and I became great friends – and still are today – and it was this gentleman that opened up my mind to the joys of photography. It was the first time in which I realized how much I enjoyed photography, but it also sparked in me the realization that I could follow my dreams, and I could be successful if I only worked hard enough, and was dedicated to my craft. To this day, I still thank my great friend for helping me to start upon my photographic journey.

I didn’t start doing professional photography until the age of eighteen. Before then, I never gave much thought to the quality of my work, but rather I snapped a photo every minute of every second of every day, regardless of what the images looked like. Soon, though, I began to use photography not as a means to pass the time, but as a way to express myself artistically. I cannot draw, and never could, nor can I write all that well. With photography, I can communicate to people how I feel with one single image, for I believe in the idiom that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, I let my photographs speak for themselves. As each photo says a thousand different words to me, I also wish that my photos speak a thousand different words to each and every person that views them. I hope that my photographs may bring happiness and inspiration to all that look upon them, just as they have brought joy and inspiration to my life.

In the end, to me photography is magic. It allows me to show the observer how I see the world, and I think that’s delightful. Each of us human beings sees beauty differently, and photography enables me to show the world what I consider to be beautiful. I sincerely believe that that is perhaps the most extraordinary thing about it. As I always say, sometimes, a way to ensure happiness is simply to look at something from a different perspective, and photography allows me to share my perspective with others.

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Galen IveyGalen is an artist based in El Paso, Texas, U.S.A
If you would like to get in touch with Galen about his work please send him a DM on Instagram.

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