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J. M. Storm 2In an electric sea of love, grabbing the heart is no small task.  It is one however, that J. M. Storm has done with great success. Amassing over 250,000 followers, J. M. Storm is one of Instagram’s most popular Quotesman. Taking his passion for deep feelings, and evocative and moving observations of love, he is without a doubt a master at what he does. It is little wonder that he is the final stages of a poetry anthology which will be published later this year.

J M Storm 3A word with J. M. Storm,

I was born in the south and I grew up being a hands on guy. Whether it was taking something apart to hear it whisper the secrets of how it worked, to all night fishing trips with my brother and friends.
There were dares and there were test, like boys did back then. So eager to be a man. So eager to prove it. So needing to believe it.

But through it all, it always seemed that I felt things more than others. Not like a sixth sense, but maybe, deeper or clearer. The truth is, everything had a feeling associated with it.

Writer. That was hard to say about myself because it wasn’t something I’d really considered. It wasn’t something that I had long aspired to be and not a dream. I was surprised as anyone and even now, sometimes, it’s still hard to wrap my head around.

screenshot_2017-03-03-13-47-58Even now I think of myself as writer secondary. Or as I have been known to say, I’ve always felt. It’s just one day I found the ability to translate it into words.

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In 2017, Her Heart Poetry is fortunate to have, J. M. Storm ǀ @jmstormquotes, as Head Judge for the inaugural Her Heart Poetry International Micropoetry Prize

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