This week our writing prompt is brought to you in association with two Instagram poets: Kathy ǀ @kategorical_poet and Molly ǀ @the_atelier_project.

Kathy and Molly noticed around the same time what they calls a “hive mentality” in the instapoet community… that moment when a particular idea or theme seems to strike several poets randomly, unrelated to challenges or anything else. It reminded them of Elizabeth Gilbert’s theory of the Muse in Big Magic, so they decided to test it out with the #musechallenge.

To play the #Musechallenge

1) Choose a partner
2) Decide on a number of lines and a number of syllables per line.
3) Write your lines separately with no – absolutely no – discussion between you about the subject.
4) The most important rule – no cheating on #3!
5) Fit your lines together in the way that they seem to belong, share your piece.

If you would like to see examples of poems written about this prompt than simply search the hashtag #heartwrds or #musechallenge on Instagram, or visit our @heartwrds gallery.

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