A Message from Yaz,

Hi Feasters! I think the bookclub needs a shake up. Originally, I thought I could run it just like a bookclub but now I’m thinking it needs to be slightly adjusted. As there are no other bookclubs focusing on poetry on Instagram, I have to go with what I think works, and make the necessary changes as I go along. This is that time.

I have a good few collections to get through, and loads of anthologies that I would love to feature. I am keen to focus on poetry that is current and is from around the world, and I want the bookclub to reflect that. I don’t think it takes a month to read an anthology unlike a fiction text so I definitely want to shorten the reading time so I can fit more anthologies into the month. I also enjoy writing reviews of the books I read so ideally I would keep these, but how many of you read them and know where to find them?

I would really like to hear your feedback, too, so I ask: what would you like to see in the ONLY current poetry bookclub? What works for you as a reader and perhaps, what doesn’t?

To give feedback, please contact Yaz ǀ @feastofverse on Instagram.

yaz-originalYaz Dellicompagni ǀ @feastofverse
Based in Bimingham, England, Yaz is an infectious English teacher. Her mission: expose students to the poetic word. She marks poetry for an examination board and holds a masters qualification in teaching and learning. Find out more about the Feast of Verse Poetry Book Club here.

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