Honeycomb Poems by T. KozumplikOn my daily wander through the land of Instapoetry I was lucky enough to stumble across Kozumplik’s one day promotion for a free copy of his second collection of poetry, Honeycomb Poems. Quick to the draw I downloaded a copy and over a cup of chamomile tea I devoured, yes devoured, the entirety of the collection.

I was familiar with excerpts of Kozumplik’s work from his Instagram account ǀ @poetry_djinnihunter, but these pale in comparison to the work contained in this anthology. It is clear that these works have been carefully handpicked and curated to give taste and texture to a collection that left the scent of perfume and fruit in the air and felt like a stroll through an exotic garden, thick with the curve of the land and the curve of hips. The connecting theme of bees, like the waxwork structure of a hive, hold this collection in place as we traverse his work from the opening poem, Honeycomb to the final piece, Beth 33.

Through his work Kozumplik reveals a sophisticated appreciation of women and nature, in a manner that at times felt like a languid afternoon spent in the golden arms of a fertile maiden. At other times he left me in the chill of cold sheets that the very same maiden had just left. The language and imagery mimic the lush natural surrounds that Kozumplik recreates and the collection echoes the sweet, rich decadence of it’s so aptly selected title. From this collection it is clear that if Kozumplik had been born in the late 18th century that he would have wooed, and won hearts, with his poetry.

Stand out works were: Spells of Rain for its dreamlike quality; Rusalka for its extraordinary imagery; and Beth 33, for the woman that he created in my mind.

This collection is delightful, so much so that I actually feel guilty that I have taken advantage of the free promotion. I will be heading to the Kindle store in a moment to pay for his first collection in recompense.

Best for: Red wine, firelight and nights under the Summer stars.
Buy for: Your lady love.
Buy it if: You like sumptuous and sensuous poetry that draws on the themes of nature.

RH2016Reviewed by Rayna Halloway ǀ @herheartshapedbox
Based in New Zealand, Rayna is an ever-optimist obsessed with all things poetry. She has aspirations of taking the spoken word world by storm, If only she could get over her stage fright!

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