You’re among the first to see the new Her Heart Poetry site. We hope you like what we’ve designed and built for you.

Why change?

More people visit our website now on mobile devices than on desktop. This is unlikely to surprise you; you know how you, your colleagues, friends and family increasingly use smartphones in your daily lives. It is after all, how most of us access Instagram, our home away from home for poetry.

So when we began the journey to relaunch the design and user experience of we focused on creating a user interface that would allow mobile users a better experience.

And while we have focused on mobile, we have also created an improved desktop experience. The challenge, then, was to develop a flexible design that looked good however you came to us and on whatever your screen size. We think that we have achieved this.

We have also added greater functionality and have designed a site that we believe better showcases the wonderful work of our contributing authors and poets.

What has changed?

  • A cleaner, sleeker and brighter look that is more attractive and easier to navigate.
  • A focus on our current anthology and the poems that are being featured in any given month, and prominence for these pieces at the top of the screen under ‘Current Collections’.
  • A single menu that gives you access to all of our content. The menu is also in a “hamburger-style” navigation tool on mobile – with three horizontal bars that open out when clicked to reveal navigation across the site.
  • The menu has also been simplified in terms of our key values: Share – A place for readers to share in the work of published and unpublished poets. Inspire – A place for poets to find the Muse and gain inspiration. Provoke – Articles and stories to inspire deep thinking and conversations.
  • Access to a Store to purchase and download anthologies, and in future, editing and publishing related services.

Last but not least

Our new site is designed for one thing above all – to bring poetry to you in a way that makes it easier to read and enjoy. We are proud of the community of creatives that we represent and the wonderful work that we feature and want you to enjoy them too. We are very proud of the site and hope that you will stay a while and take a look around!

We know one thing though, nothing is ever perfect. If you spot something that doesn’t look right, we would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We look forward to your feedback.

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