This week we’ve been focusing on syllables, and we’ve even learned a new poetic form to fit that focus. In honor of that newfound knowledge, your challenge for the week is to write a carlito poem – you guessed it – about starting over. You can write from the perspective of someone starting over in life, starting over after messing up a recipe, or you could even write about what it would be like for the earth itself to reset. I’m purposely leaving the subject matter wide open to artistic interpretation, so write it as you see fit, but remember:

A carlito poem should be formatted as follows:

-10 lines in total:

Line One: 1 syllable
Line Two: 2 syllables
Line Three: 3 syllables…
…and so on up through line seven
Lines 8-10: A haiku

-The haiku can be traditional or conventional, but it must follow the typical 5-7-5 syllable form.

-Rhyming Optional

If you need an example of a carlito poem, check out the #carlito tag. You’ll probably find a good amount of nonsense pertaining to some rather unimpressive staged wrestling, but you’ll also find a good number of beautiful poems written in the last few days by various members of our growing community! You’re always welcome to ask me questions via comments and DMs, as well. I’ll be selecting six exemplary poems to feature over the next several days, so even if you don’t see yours featured right away, keep writing: you may be next! Good luck everyone, and have fun!

Samuel Blake ǀ @herheart_oncraft
Her Heart Poetry’s ON CRAFT area will be evolving over the coming months. Samuel’s goal is to both educate and inspire readers and writers of all calibers. ON CRAFT articles will be published to teach about a different facet of creative writing.

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