I’m not sure what the weather’s like where you live, but here, it’s pretty durn hot! Even with a good amount of rain lately, we’re basically just roasting during the daytime hours. :p

In honor (or loathing) of this season’s heat, your challenge this week is to write a limerick about what the summer heat means to you. Do you love the summer time for any reason? Tell us about it! Or do you just sit there drenched in sweat counting down the days until cooler weather returns? Then by all means, put it into verse!

Remember, though, that limericks have a few guidelines:

1- Limericks are 5 lines long following a rhyme scheme of AABBA (the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme together, and the third and fourth rhyme, as well).

2- Limericks are typically funny, crude, or both. You may write a more serious limerick if you’d like, but the goal is to write something light-hearted to beat the heat, so don’t be surprised if you’re not featured for a hard-hitting and somber piece.

3- Limericks are catchy, and their rhythm reflects this. You are welcome to play with the meter all you want, but the best limericks flow right off the tongue.

Beyond that, just remember to tag @herheart_oncraft in your post, and use #ocwritingchallenge in your caption! Feel free to invite anyone you’d like to see some funny writing from, too. I know plenty of you have sick minds, so let’s see you put them to use. It’s allowed!

Good luck, everyone! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Samuel Blake ǀ @herheart_oncraft
Her Heart Poetry’s ON CRAFT area will be evolving over the coming months. Samuel’s goal is to both educate and inspire readers and writers of all calibers. ON CRAFT articles will be published to teach about a different facet of creative writing.

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