My apologies for the silence these last couple of days. I feel as though we’re officially re-settling into our Hawaiian lifestyle now, and it’s back to the active life we once knew and loved, which is a good thing. The only catch is, that now we’re five.ish years older, and the active lifestyle isn’t one we’re used to anymore, so we’ve been pretty run down lately. :p
But I’ve not forgotten you, my wonderful writing students! So who’s ready to learn a new word?
#ghastly (not to be confused with the pokemon), is a word with a couple of meanings, but in regardless of your definition, it’s still an adjective. Definition 1 is “causing great horror or fear,” and definition 2 is “extremely unwell.” Let’s take a look at a couple examples.
Using definition 1:
I thought up a prank
and admit: it was cunning – 
The vision most ghastly
sent my brother running.
In this example, the word ghastly is used to further explain the noun, vision. A ghastly vision is one which causes great fear or terror. Even easier to master is the second definition.
Using definition 2:
Out playing kickball,
And I was picked lastly
Which threw off my game,
Since I was feeling ghastly.
I know, I know: the rhyme is a little juvenile, but you get the meaning, right? Being picked last had the character feeling terrible, add the definition suggests.
Ghastly is one of many favorite words of mine primarily because it’s not one you hear very often anymore. Why don’t you see how you can incorporate it into your writing this week! (:
Should you have any questions about the lessons I present, or maybe you’ve got an idea for a future post, please don’t hesitate to send me a DM. I would be thrilled to help out in any way I can! (:

Samuel Blake ǀ @herheart_oncraft
Her Heart Poetry’s ON CRAFT area will be evolving over the coming months. Samuel’s goal is to both educate and inspire readers and writers of all calibres. ON CRAFT articles will be published to teach about a different facet of creative writing.

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