Judged by J. M. Storm

J. M. Storm ǀ @jmstormquotes  and Her Heart Poetry are pleased to confirm the final selections for the forthcoming anthology, THE ANNUAL ǀ 2017. The standard of work was very high and the final selections range across a wide variety of topics. Some have taken on a traditional form, while others move around the page, mix long lines with short and insist that readers pay attention to their rhymes and silences. All embrace the contemporary notion of brevity and clarity, and all present a modern voice. A voice for the now. We are sure that this anthology, which will be available in October 2017, will be a welcome addition to any poetry lover’s home.

The winning entry, Sentimentalism by Zoe Andrews, can be viewed in full here.

Selected Works

Amy Lundquist ǀ Swoon
Andi Dobek ǀ Social Media
Andreea Maria Irimia ǀ Smoke
Ashley Adams ǀ Our Shaping ǀ London Daze
Brian Powell ǀ View at 4am ǀ Somewhere in Texas
BT Hathaway ǀ chip
Caroline Masters ǀ Storm Connection ǀ Similes and Metaphors
Claire Bunnik ǀ Fish Tank
Cristina Munoz ǀ Breaking Water
Cynthia Anne Cashman ǀ Past Reveries
Denis Bernicky ǀ untitled
Ella Richards ǀ Breaking
Ellory Nash ǀ Windows
G. Bello ǀ Dichotomy
Georgina Beasley ǀ Cold Coffee
Grace O ǀ Imperfections
Indigo Ink ǀ A Prayer for Her
J. P. Meade ǀ The Business Park
Jan Haag ǀ Whalefall
Jaundré M. van Breda ǀ Giving Shelter to the Rain
Jaybird ǀ Songbird Cameo
Jayme Popejoy ǀ Heartache
Jed Wylde ǀ Caught
Katherine Noone ǀ Midlife
Kathleen A. Lawrence ǀ Through Colored Glasses ǀ A Brevity of Affirmations
Kelly Ann Doran ǀ Love Sticks in my Throat
Kelly Davis ǀ Yesterday I Woke Early
Kelly Wilk ǀ Let It Go ǀ Still With Me
Keyla Moura ǀ Death of a Dreamer
Kristina Fanning ǀ Invisible
Leslie A. Mendoza ǀ Origami
Lisa Lopresti ǀ Beseeching
Liv Raimonde ǀ Bruises
Louise Stevens ǀ The Brightling
M. P. Sturrock ǀ The Black Bear
Mara H ǀ //of Sharon//
MCR ǀ Age is a Number
Nadia De Ala ǀ last bit of advice
Nicole Hartley ǀ Lullaby
Phuong Gip ǀ Second Chance
Ranjan Singh Moirangthem ǀ ART GALLERY LIFE
Raquel Burgess ǀ Regression
Rosamund Gravelle ǀ Exhausted, content
RR Noall ǀ Hands ǀ Sailor
Sagrika ǀ Unanswered Prayers
Samuel Blake ǀ Reunion
SeaWords ǀ Sun Kissed Promises
Simona Carini ǀ Berkley Aquatic Park
Steph Myers ǀ Press
TAKerzinger ǀ Family tree
Tarra & Wheels ǀ 100 Years, 100 Stripes
Toby Campion ǀ Body ǀ Hymn
VenusBeverley ǀ Dance
Zoe Andrews ǀ Sentimentalism

These works will be shown on Instagram and here on herheartpoetry.com in October.

Stay tuned for more information and to pre-order your copy of THE ANNUAL ǀ 2017.

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