Her Heart Poetry is pleased to present the winning entry for our inaugural International micropoetry competition, THE ANNUAL.

This work traverses the minutiae of a relationship that leave a lasting taste in the mouth, long after love has gone. A delicate, clever and new perspective on a timeless theme.

Congratulations Zoe!


Save the cork, and capture the midnight moonlight in the empty bottle.
Frame the photo, the one with his arm around you and stars in your eyes.

Make a catalogue of everything he’s left at your place:
One glove, half a carton of leftover fried rice, and a toothbrush.

Dry the flower petals between the pages of old books.
Keep the ticket stubs, the melted ends of candles, the restaurant matchboxes.

Create a map from his freckles and laugh lines, his scars and the curvature of his spine.
Be its faithful cartographer.

Dust off the souvenirs of old lovers,
the basket of sweet nothings, and the vase of forget-me-nots.

Hope that maybe this time,
love will be more than just a keepsake on your shelf.

Zoe Andrews ǀ @zdandrews

Sentimentalism will feature in THE ANNUAL ǀ 2017 which will be available in October, 2017. Stay tuned for more information and to pre-order your copy!

THE ANNUAL will return in January 2018.

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