After many hours of perusing and enjoying the incredible skill and talents of all the new writers that we see every day, I have decided to launch a ‘One to Watch’ Emerging Poet series. This will include a short bio on the Poet and some of their works for you to enjoy.

Be under no illusion, the work at @newheartsbeatstrong is tough, but it is also rewarding and inspirational. This will be no easy task, but I know that you will all enjoy and support those selected each month for feature, as you have already done for so many before. Look out for this month’s selection very shortly.

New Heart Beats also has a very special announcement coming soon! We know that this one is going to get the creativity flowing and encourage you to start thinking about putting your best foot forward.

j-brooks-associate-editorJonathan Brooks ǀ @newheartsbeatstrong
Jonathan is based in the UK, and is a passionate purveyor of poetry. He is inspired by all things new. He spends his daily search looking for poetry that inspires, pulls at the heartstrings and makes him giggle out loud in a crowded coffee shop. You can connect with his personal account here.

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