We begin our New Voices ǀ Emerging Poets series with the wonderful account of @commasandcuriosity. Such a simple and succinct writing style which still shouts an understanding of the human thought process into love and all things emotive. The brainchild of Taylor Warner, she describes it as a “mix of rawness, romance and curiosity. An honest insight into past experiences that can relate to a broad audience”.

But whilst the Instagram account is a pleasure to visit and read, she does not lose any of the realness of her work, writing firstly for herself and not just to please others, something which is getting rarer these days. Aged 27, and originally from the USA, Taylor is now based in South Korea. She started writing at the tender age of 7 as a release for a tough upbringing. “Words have always been a part of my life” she explains “and I fell in love with them more than any human being”. All she aims to do now is inspire others, the way writers and writing have inspired her.

A wonderful, fledgling Instagram account, that triggers the simplest emotions when reading the content, from a simple smile, to the lump in the throat “I’ve been there” kind of write. A must have addition for any follower.

j-brooks-associate-editorJonathan Brooks ǀ @newheartsbeatstrong
Jonathan is based in the UK, and is a passionate purveyor of poetry. He is inspired by all things new. He spends his daily search looking for poetry that inspires, pulls at the heartstrings and makes him giggle out loud in a crowded coffee shop. You can connect with his personal account here.

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