The Her Heart Team is Growing…

Next month, Her Heart Poetry, will be making some big announcements. If you have ever wanted to see your name in ink, then you need to be here on 1 November to hear our news.

We’ve also added to our Feature Contributors team, and after a break, Her Heart On Craft is back, with a new Associate Editor. We can’t wait for you to meet them.

We are also introducing two new resources, here and on Instagram: Heart & Verse Poetry Book Club ǀ @heartandverse and Her Heart Forms ǀ @herheartforms.

Heart & Verse, is an online poetry book club that will focus on the best published poets on Instagram. We will read one anthology together per month, and discuss. Throughout the month, Heart & Verse, will also provide reviews of other anthologies to tempt the reader in us all. We’ll have more information over coming days. In the meantime, follow @heartdandverse so you don’t miss an announcement (or the chance to win the read of the month!).

You asked, and we have delivered! For those who are interested in moving beyond free verse, and understanding poetic structure, Her Heart Forms, will show you how to write a variety of poetry forms. This tutorial style page will demonstrate how to write both traditional and contemporary poetry forms with the aim of helping you to improve your craft. Follow @herheartforms for an overview, and you can find a list of poetry forms to practice here. This list is updated as we present each new form.

To celebrate our new accounts, and our coming announcements, all of our accounts have new profile pictures so that they are easy to find and follow. You can see them, and their account links below.

To all of our readers and community members, thank you for sharing our passion for poetry. We do this for you!

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