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Hi fellow word lovers!

My name is Samantha and I’m from Mandurah, Western Australia. I’ve recently joined the Her Heart team as a features contributor. Here is a brief run down on what you can expect from me. My articles will focus on the writing journey, from the decision to be a writer to the ultimate goal of being published or whatever goal you have for your writing. I’m here to encourage you in your writing endeavours and I’ll share the little tips and tricks that I’ve picked up from fellow writers, as well as the mental and sometimes physical impact writing can have on you.

Some examples of the topics I’ll write about are how to deal with telling other people you’re a writer (something that took me a long time to get confident about), networking with other writers if you have a quieter personality and the importance of posture when you write. There will also be articles on writing and the way it intertwines with your life. I strongly believe that writing is a part of you and my articles tend to reflect that.

I’m so excited to be working with everyone at Her Heart. I love the community that has been built and the way it nurtures writers. So here’s to encouraging and supporting one another’s writing. Have a happy and creative week everyone!

Samantha will share an article each week on the writing process and the trials and tribulations of working towards publication.

Samantha House ǀ @samanthahouse
Samantha is a writer of fiction (with a focus on fantasy) from Mandurah, Western Australia. She is an avid reader of anything except horror. Her imagination is too vivid for that and she needs at least a little sleep. A coffee addict with four children you can read more on her personal blog here.

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