A Triolet is a traditional poetry form that consists of one stanza that is eight lines long.  It has the rhyme scheme ABaAabAB, in which the first, fourth and seventh lines are the same and the second and eighth line are the same.

In the example, we show you how this breaks down, and show you the rhyme scheme:

Line 1 (A): Take me back to those yesterdays.
Line 2 (B): When love, and life and I was new
Line 3 (a): and full of easy, girl-child ways.
Line 4 (A): Take me back to those yesterdays
Line 5 (a): before carefree lost to lean-hipped sway
Line 6 (b): before I gave me, stained-red to you.
Line 7 (A): Take me back to those yesterdays,
Line 8 (B): when love and life and I was new.

This is a challenging form to write which encourages the poet to search for clarity and message in their writing.  Give it a try today!

Our example is titled: Red Sheets and is written by Editor, Rayna Halloway ǀ @herheartshapedbox.

For more examples of poems written using this form search the hashtag #Triolet on Instagram, or visit our community here.

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