by Liz Newman ǀ @liz_newman_writer

Thought-provoking. Unforgettable. Profound. These are just a few of the words that describe what a reader looks for in a collection of poetry.

Poet Melody Lee delivers this and so much more with her debut poetry book Moon Gypsy. This collection of poetry and prose is hauntingly beautiful, exploring a myriad of emotion in its pages.

“Let the dust accumulate. You have stories to tell, adventures waiting, life to love. Love to share. The dust can wait”, is a beautiful poem entitled “Dust” that ignites a spark in the reader, as she weaves words into inspiration and paragraph into passion.

Sprinkled throughout this beautiful book are delightful passages of prose, providing us with insight into life, heartbreak, finding our way, facing our demons, finding love within ourselves and through others, and the passion that binds a writer to the written word.

It takes a skilled wordsmith to create such a voluminous collection of this quality, where each poem helps describe the inner workings of your heart and all of the worries and thoughts that surround your soul. Melody expertly weaves through the emotions of our very essence.

“There’s no possessing a wild heart. Stow away the cage, throw away the key, love her freely or let her be” is a beautiful piece entitled “Throw Away The Damn Key” that conveys the underlying message of the writer. She encourages self-worth and acceptance. A myriad of poems explore coming to terms with who we are as people and learning to love the beautifully imperfect soul within.

“Promise me you’ll stay and I promise to haunt you in the most heavenly way, with dark devotion and deep emotion” is another hidden gem in the collection, with its romantic and whimsical undertones. Moon Gypsy is sure to win your heart from start to finish with poems that you’ll revisit again and again.

One of my personal favorites is “Collision” which reads: “Once our souls collided and caught fire, there was no turning back. Love is a collision of two stars. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.”

Melody Lee weaves a beautiful story through this collection with a strong personal poetic voice and unique flair. Her work gets to the heart of the universe and our basic emotions. She addresses the secrets of our soul with effortless eloquence.

Melody Lee is a shining star and an incredible talent to the poetry community as a whole. Her work is sure to resonate with readers on a very personal level and leave them hungrily asking for the next collection to be published.

Best for: curling up with after a long day in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea
Buy it for: your best girl friend at the office
Buy it if: you’re in need of a soul “pick-me-up”

“Moon Gypsy – A Collection of Poetry and Prose” can be purchased from Amazon here.

You can also connect with Melody on Instagram  ǀ @melody_lee_poetry_junkie

Reviewed by Liz Newman ǀ @liz_newman_writer

Liz is a blogger and a poet from the Midwestern United States. She is a contributor for “A Better Today Media” and just recently published her debut poetry book called Hope Between Heartbeats. Her love for poetry and the written word dates back to her elementary days when she would scribble quotes in the margins of her agenda books.

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