by Lucy Ochoa-Petit ǀ @lucy_luisana

As poets, we have
the power to jumpstart
people’s imaginations…

“To read a poem is to hear it with our eyes; to hear it
is to see it with our ears.”
Octavio Paz

One of my favourite things about poetry is the supernatural ability it has to awaken our feelings and senses. For me, a great poem is like a New Years’ firework show – It’ll make you see, smell, hear, taste and feel whatever the poet is writing about.

As poets, we have the power to jumpstart people’s imaginations, using literary devices like onomatopoeia, to ignite their senses. At first glance, onomatopoeia looks like a daunting word, but it’s actually a really fun and simple concept. It refers to words that when spoken, imitate the sound they produce – bang, buzz, tap, roar, click, whoosh, chirp are a few examples.

But beware, onomatopoeia is often confused with interjections, which is a different concept. Interjections are words that express sudden outbursts of emotion, for instance, wow, eww and ouch.

Writers use onomatopoeia to stimulate their readers’ auditory sense, creating a multidimensional poem rich in imagery, sound and feeling. Here are a few examples of onomatopoeia in a sentence:

  • The loud clanking of her heels announced her arrival.
  • I knew I would never be the same after she banged into me.
  • I miss the ocean’s loud roar and the splish-splash of the waves against the rocks.

Onomatopoeia will transform your poems, making them more descriptive, exciting and engaging.There are hundreds of onomatopoeic words to choose from so pick a few and get creative. Remember to tag @herheartoncraft when you use onomatopoeia in your poetry, and add #herheartoncraft to your caption for a chance to be featured.

Don’t be afraid to try new writing techniques. Afterall, practice makes perfect.
So get your pens out and get started. There’s no better feeling than splashing poetic ink on a page.

Lucy Ochoa-Petit ǀ @lucy_luisana

Lucy is a curious creative who loves all things poetry. Her writing reflects her experiences and the world around her. She is passionate about helping others discover their love of poetry and poetic voice through writing technique.

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