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Romantic poetry and N.R Hart are a match made in heaven. Her book Poetry and Pearls encompasses romance in both content and aesthetic. You’ll likely never pick up a book that is so stunning in both content and appearance, with artwork accompanying each poem. The poems are divided into four sections for each of the seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

The poem opens with the winter season and the quote “I will write you into my forever.” From here, you are transported into a beautiful world of whimsical emotion. The author has a talent for connecting to both readers and fellow writers with poems that describe the emotion of being both muse and creator.

“She sits among her shadows living her poetry each day alone with a longing in her heart for just once to be the poem.” She is able to address a myriad of emotions in her works, discussing the beauty of a love that stands the test of time as well as the precious and fleeting loves of the seasons: “Love me now even though I know it can’t be forever. Love me forever even though I know it can only be for now.”

N.R. Hart digs deep into your soul and unearths all of the emotion within, bringing to light the beauty and the pain of love and the life of someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. A poem that attests to that is “She loved like poetry, passion in every rhyme giving away her soul a piece at a time.”

Her poems have an underlying feeling of dreamlike wonder and enchantment. She creates a beautiful story that has you engrossed from beginning to end. N.R. Hart speaks to the wild and the passion in all of us. She is able to perfectly describe sensuality, innocence, and longing with elegance and poise.

The poetry collection begins with the winter section which depicts longing and transitions through the seasons of the heart. Spring reignites a hope in us for new beginnings and encompassing love. Several of her poems describe the electricity in those first moments of falling in love. “It didn’t take much for her to love him, one brush of his hand against hers and she was his. branded by his touch forever.”

Summer continues to build on the love and emotion from the Spring section, driven by passion and fire and letting down walls. A favorite Summer poem reads, “I will love you hard enough to shed that armor you hold around your heart.”

The poems paint a picture of longing and intimacy while also establishing the heroine’s strengths in her own right. She does a stupendous job of describing the way it feels to fall madly in love with someone while still maintaining those beautiful and strong qualities that drew you to love in the first place.

N.R. Hart is the perfect mixture of love and empowerment, showing how they can be coupled together with ease. She describes the joy of first loves and the fear of forgetting the fleeting, magical moments. She delves into the uncertainty of letting someone into the inner workings of your soul.

The author knows the often-complicated relationship of head and heart, and how all of these conflicting emotions often come into play as we find love. She describes love with a personal touch, but somehow you feel like she is describing your relationship to a tee.

The book then continues into autumn, which explores the deeper transitions of relationships. She describes the shift of dynamic, which we often experience in the seasons of love. Her poems in this section discuss passion and insecurity. Fear and loss. The struggles that go along with maintaining the passion as you transition to a new chapter.

“She had a beautifully tragic heart. It was too soft, she loved too hard. It would self-destruct for everything she had ever loved.”

This collection is sure to become one of your favorites with feelings of nostalgia, new love, passion, and empowerment as recurring themes. The title “Poetry and Pearls” is a perfect description of the works as a whole. Beautiful and elegant, this collection is an instant classic, that you’ll want to remain close to your heart, like a timeless strand of simple pearls around your neck.

Best for: A quiet night at home nestled up in blankets by a fire
Buy for: Your soul sister
Buy it if: you need to become reacquainted with the hopeless romantic within

“Poetry and Pearls, Volume 1” can be purchased from Amazon here.

Reviewed by Liz Newman ǀ @liz_newman_writer

Liz is a blogger and a poet from the Midwestern United States. She is a contributor for “A Better Today Media” and just recently published her debut poetry book called Hope Between Heartbeats. Her love for poetry and the written word dates back to her elementary days when she would scribble quotes in the margins of her agenda books.

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