Found-Object poetry dec16Found-Object poetry is a contemporary poetry form that is not only the individual act of writing, but a collaborative work between writer and reader.  Loosely based on Found-Object Art, a Found-Object Poem is a poem that is written by the poet, and then ‘left’ somewhere unexpected to be ‘found’ by the reader.  It is only when the poem is ‘found’ that it becomes a piece of art.

Found-Object poems can be any form and rhyming is optional.  There is no set length, however given the constraints of space normally associated with this form, short works such as haiku, are often popular. A Found-Object poem normally has an uplifting and positive theme.

Your challenge this week is to bring the magic of poetry to someone else’s day by creating a Found-Object poem.  To do this, you will write an uplifting poem, print it on paper and then leave that poem somewhere that it will be found.  This could be on a table at a coffee shop, inside the pages of a book or magazine, or on the desk of a colleague.

Please note that we do NOT advocate for littering, so if you are going to leave your poem outside, please write it on a leaf or similar biodegradable product.

Our example poem is written by Portland based poet, @poemlandia.

If you would like to see examples of poems written about this prompt than simply search the hashtag #herheartpoetry and #foundherheart on Instagram, or visit our community here.

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