This month’s one to watch is the incredible account of @theairinmylungs. The brainchild of Tamara from Los Angeles, who as an introvert by nature, writing has always been the most natural form of self expression for her, but also what originally sparked her interest in writing is just her fascination of how the simplicity of words can be so powerful and have so much meaning to someone. Simple words, when strummed and pieced together in just the right order can leave such a profound impact on the reader because they can relate to it in some way.

She describes her writing as simple, vulnerable, poignant, and emotional. There aren’t any complex illustrations of imagery or creative plays on words – it just captures the raw emotions that we all feel as we go through our human experiences. And it’s that vulnerability that makes her feel, as the writer, a little more real, a little more authentic, and a little more human.

Which leads to the reason why she enjoys writing and sharing it with others – because it allows us to recognize ourselves in each other. It fosters empathy and compassion and makes us feel more human because we begin to recognize that others go through similar things that we experience ourselves. It allows us to witness our common humanity and show that we’re all more alike than we are different when it comes down to the essence of who we are.

j-brooks-associate-editorJonathan Brooks ǀ @newheartsbeatstrong
Jonathan is based in the UK, and is a passionate purveyor of poetry. He is inspired by all things new. He spends his daily search looking for poetry that inspires, pulls at the heartstrings and makes him giggle out loud in a crowded coffee shop. You can connect with his personal account here.

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